Easter hours 8-noon, weekdays/Saturdays 8-7, Sundays 8-6gorgeous pansiescolorful daisiespretty perennialsBeautiful outdoor furniturebasil and other herbslocal eggsannualsdahliasheliotropebegoniasdahliasMcCutcheonsbaskets available in the springannuals available in the spring and summer big selection of local applesProduce available mid-April through December 24Local applesFall mumsPretty pansies in early spring and falllocal brussel sprouts available in the summer White mums available in the fallLocal squash available fall and winterAvailable in the fallLocal corn available in the summerLots of tomatoesFall pumkinspretty pansy basketsHome-grown watermelon in the summerGreensLocal applespretty sunflowersbaskets available in the springHalloween decorations in OctoberStop in today!